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Whole School Pupil Chaplaincy at St Mary's 2022-2023

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St. Mary's has a passionate team of 53 chaplains, who play a vital role in enhancing the values of our Catholic faith in Jesus with Mary's help and guided by the Holy Spirit.  All of our chaplains take joy in wearing their special Chaplain badge and carrying out different responsibilities.  Through prayer and hard work, they promote the faith in school to students, staff and the community. Every week, the Chaplaincy Team meet to review the action plan and consider different ways in which they are:

Strengthening Mission

Deepening Prayer

Enabling Communion

The meetings give a chance for every Chaplain to share their ideas and together we make decisions about how we can promote the Catholic ethos in the school.  During the meetings, Chaplains have the opportunity to: update prayers, plan events, update the website and make decisions about fundraising.

Click here to see some of the tasks these pupils carry out with dedication and joy.

A successful Chaplaincy team ...

As well as the jobs above, we also believe to be a successful chaplaincy team we need to:

  • Listen to each other’s ideas;
  • Communicate with all the team members, school and parish;
  • Encourage everyone when making decisions, to share their ideas and to try their best;
  • Include everyone when making decisions;
  • Lead by example, love everyone especially people you don’t get on with.

If you have any ideas that you wish to share with us then please let us know.

Our School Chaplain is Mrs Fernandes


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