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Andrew's Orchard

Andrew’s Orchard is a community orchard supported by our community, passed onto future communities and will be treasured forever.


Below is the plan of the orchard:


Trees are one of our best natural defences against climate change and tackling and reversing the destruction of our world’s forests.  Working together to plant more carbon-storing, wildlife-protecting, pollution-guzzling trees MUST be at the heart of our community.

Why plant an orchard?

For those families new to St Mary’s, you may be wondering why we are planting an orchard.  On March 1st 2021, very suddenly, our former Executive Headteacher died.  This had a devastating impact on our whole community.  We would like to remember Mr Henstridge by planting an oak tree in his name, surrounded by 50 fruit trees that will bore fruit for years to come.  These 51 trees  will represent Andrew Henstridge’s 51 years of life.  We will name the orchard, Andrew’s Orchard.  We will never forget Mr Henstridge for the love and the light that shone from him.



Andrew Henstridge 1969 - 2021

"Love is more powerful, love gives life, love makes hope blossom in the wilderness." Pope Francis 

Phase 3 - planting a natural hedgerow around the orchard

We have ordered 670 native hedgerow plants to include: hawthorn, field maple, dogwood, blackthorn, spindle, wayfaring tree, hazel and crab apple.  Watch this space...

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