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A Typical School Day


The school day begins at 7.30am with our breakfast club.  Classroom doors open at 8.30 for early morning maths.  Registration is at 8.45am. Children have a fifteen minute break in the morning and an hour break at lunchtime. Our school day ends at 3.15pm except for Fridays where we end at 3pm.  Total hours provided in a typical week: 32.5 hours. We have an afterschool club that runs until 5.30pm.  Please see the tab called 'Wrap-around-care' for more information.

Morning Maths starts at 8.30am

We encourage all children to come to school as early as possible to take part in extra tuition and a time to practise key skills, whether it is maths, phonics or reading.  We open classroom doors at 8.30am and encourage all children to take the opportunity for extra learning.

Thank you for your support.



Children from Y1-Y6 have a mid morning breaktime between 10.30am - 10.45am.  This is a time for them to use the toilet, have a drink and a snack and some free time in the fresh air with their friends.

Lunch time is an hour long and gives children plenty of time to have something eat, a drink, go to the toilet and play with their friends.

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