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May, the Month of Mary- How can you celebrate Mary at home?

During May, the Church celebrates Mary. She is our heavenly mother and looks after us always. We do not pray to Mary, but we remember her in our prayers as the Mother of God. Why not take some time at home and have a prayer session as a family to remember Mary? You may find some ideas that we use in our child-led 'Celebration of the Word' helpful below. 

When our children lead prayer in school, there are 4 parts we follow: GatherWordResponse and Mission.

  1. The Gather brings the community that are praying together.
  2. The Word is a reading from the Bible (in this case about Mary).
  3. The Response is an action that reflects on the reading that has been read.
  4. The Mission is an action that is done after the prayer session to help us live the Gospel, as Jesus asks us to do

Use the links below to explore ideas for your own family worship this May. If you create a prayer focus at home, please do share it with us as we would love to see it and share with our school community.


At the start of your family Celebration of the Word, everyone needs to gather together. Choose something that you think will help people to empty their minds of things that they might be worried about and to focus on the liturgical prayer.


Choose a reading from the Bible as a family together and encourage everyone to join in with listening and reading. You could even act it out to bring the word of God alive.


Once you have listened to the Word, spend some time together reflecting on the words you have heard. How do you feel about them? How is Mary depicted? Why is she so important in that section of the Word?


This is the part of your family Celebration of the Word where you talk about how you can live out your faith. What can you do as a family to live out the Word of God and remember Mary in such a special way?

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