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Staying Safe Online in 2021


Covid-19 update: Distance Learning:


The Child Exploitation On-Line Protection team (part of the National Crime Agency) have produced materials to support children with on-line safety at home.  They are rightly suggesting that there are now huge numbers of children accessing online sites and there are some unscrupulous people out there ready to take advantage.  For this reason, they are producing fortnightly work.  

Click here to access their resources for children and young people age 4-18.


E-Safety in the Community and Classroom

It has been a challenging 2020 and 2021 for families, school and communty and everyone has had to adapt to what is termed "The New Normal." For Parents, Carers and School Staff this has manifested itself with a massive increase in online learning as technology is used to not only support homelearning as the school faced periods of lock down and restricted access but also an increase in use of internet technologies and services in the home to support leisure time. The continuing teaching and discussion about how to stay safe online has taken on an even greater importance. Using the principles of the document "Education in a Connected World"  as a guide to the cross curricular teaching of Online Safety, the school aims to to make parents and children aware that the benefits of using online technology outstrip the dangers.


At St Mary's, we believe that Learning about e-safety is a vital life skill. Empowering children at an early age with the knowledge to safeguard themselves and their personal information is something that needs to be nurtured throughout school to see them into adult life. We have embedded e-safety into our curriculum and below you can see a selection of photographs taken from a range of e-safety lessons.

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E-Safety News

February 2021- Stay Safe online Week- Online Safety Group create video lessons and presentations aimed at all year groups to introduce and celebration of skills and knowledge about how to stay safe and make a positive contribution online.

Online Safety Group create a video guide and resources to guide parents about supporting their children to stay safe and make a postive contribution online

November 2020 - Anti- Bullying Week and Year 6 and Year 5 children create posters and use these to remind children across the school on how to recognise and manage situations where there is Cyberbulling and to choose to make a positive contribution when online.

October 2020 - Online Safety Group Create a series of lesson starters focusing on Staying Safe online for all Year groups so these can be used regularly at the beginning of Computing and cross curricular lessons when online technology is used.

October 2020- Online Safety Group support Governors and Staff in the review and updating of Online Safety Policies and processess.

February 2020 - Our Year 6 children became online safety teachers as they took their 30 ipads into our each year group across the school to teach them about digitial identity. They also created and delivered an online safety assembly to the whole school.

October 2019 - NSPCC came into school to teach us how to stay safe online.  They also gave parent workshops after school.

February 2019 - Annual celebration of our online safety teaching and learning - another successful event.

November 2018 - Whole school assembly to celebrate the continuing excellent work around staying safe/anti-bullying at St Mary's.

February 2017 - Annual celebration of our online safety teaching and learning - another successful event.

January 2017 - CONGRATULATIONS ST MARY'S - we have been re-accredited with our 360 Degree E-Safety Award!

July 2013 - We have been accredited with the 360 Degree E-Safety Award.

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